The Evolution of Computers

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More often we hear about how fast are the processor running, how fast are the video cards transferring the information into picture that all of it goes beyond human comprehension. The main reason why technology is evolving so fast is that because the marketing team is pushing each company?s product by diversification. Producers are changing purposely parts of the computers to make customer spent more money in computer industry on upgrades and new PCs.

Also, a small change, innovation, new introduction lures customer to bay the particular company product. More people are dependent on computers then ever before; computer became integral part of our lives. Not only for work, but also we utilize them during our leisure time for browsing the Internet, reading news, e-mails watching movies and listing to the music. In recent years we?ve seen enormous change in computers industry like available technology, e-business, global network. There are more ?players? trying to get the piece of the computer ?pie? and come up with the best and most recognized product.

We?ve heard of computer giants like IBM, Apple, Compaq or the software emire Microsoft. They all have strong name recognition, yet todays market is not looking at the names anymore.

Nowdays customer are more savy and value services like support, warranties, upgradeble feuters and all of it for the low price. Therfore what places the leaders on the top of the game in the computer industry is Cost Ledaership. As it comes to it, Dell is undisputed leader in the computer ?price war?1, compony efficiency, and stiff cost control.

Dell was found in September, 1996 by Michael Dell with headquaters in Austin, Texas. Dell started the idea of building the individual PC to order and by doing that kept realy low inventory comper to his competition. By...

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