Evil Little Parasites

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Tell me: What's wrong with society?

Somehow nothing makes sense to me.

Maybe we'll all just disagree.

And then we'll go start world war three.

I guess things are not how they used to be,

Kids growing up in messed up families.

While moms wake up to morning tea,

And watch Church sermons on T.V.

Martha Stewart, she was speaking on N.B.C.,

Talking about how her life played out perfectly.

Michael Jackson, now he's one bel esprit,

See him on breaking news instead of MTV.

We can grow up and get involved with monopolies,

While kids can go to war with their fake I.D.'s.

Soccer moms drive their big S.U.V.'s,

While countries are dying from disease.

Tell me: What's wrong with society?

Is anything how it's supposed to be?

This just doesn't seem right to me,

But I guess that's life and it's meant to be.

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