Everyday I get out of my apartment, I always see

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Everyday I get out of my apartment, I always see many guys staring at girl's breasts or butt. I see a group of guys catcalling when a girls walk pass them. I never really stop and think why they do such thing because for me, it is men's nature to do. Since we had talked in the class of why men are always the ones who start all the move and whisper at girls. I stop and think about it until I got the answer that I cannot be sure if it is right or wrong.

I think that men keep doing that because, from what I heard before, men have more sexual hormone than female. That is why men get stronger sexual feelings than female. Catcalling is one way to express the feeling they have to a girl they feel strongly attracted to. In another word, they want to make the girl know that they like things she have and they just want to have it.

They want to get the girl's attention. They might want to know or talk to her because she has some of good things that men want to have. It could be her huge breasts or it could be her nice butt.

It is totally opposite from most of the girls, who always keep these kinds of thing in their mind. They might keep it because most of girl had been taught to be nice, sweet, and gentle. They should not be crazy or hard-core like men. Those are things that every parent had taught their daughter since long time ago. I, personally, am very positive that most girls like to a man with a big muscle too, because it is by nature.

As you can see, most of men who whistle at the girl are low class people. I believe that they do not have good education when they were young. I mean their parents or teachers might not had taught him to be a nice and gentle person. That is why, they become the way they are. I also am very sure that most girls like to hear this kind of words. Even thought they might seem nasty or disgusting. But everyone likes to have someone talk good things about him or herself. If they do not like it, why would they like to dress sexily, don't you think?

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