Every step with caution feeling

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Every step with caution feeling


William: a college junior who is married

John: a wealthy college ROTC student

Jenny: Will's wife

Trina: John's girlfriend

Chorus: Radio 3 men singing

Setting: two separate houses near a college campus. One house is clean and organized, while the other is dirty with old essays and trash on the floor.

Scene 1: Trina and John are alone in their bedroom talking about a literature test.

Trina: It's getting late, how much longer do we have to study for this stupid test? I mean he said that we can write whatever we want you know.

John: You know we have to work together until we can come up with something to write. Just like history last semester, we have to figure out what he is asking and we will then determine whether or nor we answered the question and so forth.

Trina: Do you want to stop and go out for a drink? Or would you just like me to go to the store and get some beer so we can write better? I heard that people write better even when they are drunk.

John: I really don't care what you want to do.

Trina: Where is my I.D. at? I put it on the counter last night.

John: Which one are you talking about? The real one or your fake one?

Trina: Fake one, you moron. Sometimes I wonder if the ROTC hasn't gotten into your head. By the way what kind of beer do you want? You know it has to be something that a grownup would drink. A clerk can always tell when a minor is not really an adult, because they always buy 40's.

John: Just a simple 12-pack will due for me. What are...

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