Events of the civil rights movement

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Education was a right not fully given to blacks as citizens of America, and many did not receive good and proper schooling. Blacks were denied access to white schools, and forced to attend all-black schools. As the segregation of the Blacks and whites grew more intense, I have recently heard of an incident about a white school refused to let blacks attend in Little Rock, Kansas. Nine black students tried to attend Central High School, but were met with resistance from the governor, who sent troops to turn away the black students. Eisenhower, the governor, was forced to send federal troops to enforce the Supreme Court decision of Brown vs. Board of Education. The students were still eventually forced to leave, as the violence was getting very harsh within the school. The Little Rock incident displays that education was denied to blacks when it consisted of integration.

Another occurrence of black denial to education I heard of, after Brown vs. Board of Education, was in 1959 where schools in Prince Edwards County, Virginia refused to obey the Supreme Court order of integration.

Instead, they moved state education funds into making new white only private schools. For four years, blacks were not able to attend school, as there were no running public schools or black private schools. The people of the county would rather go to separate private schools than go to integrated public schools. I personally think that educations are meant for the entire race. As I have seen and experienced the life of a black man, there are no differences in terms of being educated. Both races are equally intelligent and I think they should attend the regular public schools together.

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