Eustacia's Self Conflict

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Chance, is one of many unexplainable phenomenon that occurs randomly without any certain routine. Yet choice is the fixed asset of any living thing that strives to mold one's own path. Success or failure in one's own life is the outcome of the combination of both chance and choice working in coarse harmony.

Eustacia Vye, a girl with many dreams and high goals, is an example of life with chance and choice working with and against her in many different ways. When it comes to choices, she is not as wise as her grandfather is, but neither is she ignorant in choosing her own path to follow. The interconnection between her personality and her choices are a great significance in her life because she is not merely a girl who lives in an ordinary town but who is someone that dreams for greater things in life. Her ambitious choices lead her to awkward and devastating results.

As she was once the great and beautiful goddess deity that blossomed all men's heart, her choices had put her in a situation where all blossomed heart had wilted and died as she has left the world in grief.

Eustacia's ambition and greed had made her blind in love and it was not love that had blinded her. Following the story as each incident led up to the climax of the novel on November sixth, chance, nature, and choice each had their very own role. Chance played a part as Clym had sent his letter to Eustacia but she had already slipped away from her house. No matter if Susan played any part in Eustacia's death, it was still chance that had a role in the curse that Susan had put Eustacia through. The sacred timing of Little Johnny saying the words "Mother I do feel so bad," and Eustacia's appearance through their window was such a coincidental flaw that destiny had put upon her. Eustacia herself felt that destiny was against her in many ways and this was shown in her own words, "How I have tried and tried to be a splendid woman, and how destiny has been against me"¦ I do not deserve my lot." What was not chance was her own decisions and her thinking that made her choose certain choices. Eustacia saw only the victim within her and did not see the victims that she had tortured and put through. This led her to own pity and dramatically increased the tension and blame on life itself. When she led herself to believe that she had no more future, and that death was her only way of escape from her horrible life, she had stubbornly chosen the path of death.

Nature is nothing but a simple system of balance to sustain all living things. However, when the appearance of water and rain is present whenever Eustacia is present, the amount of coincidence is too great to logically explain. Throughout the novel, all chosen actions that Eustacia had put her mind to, there was rain, and nature was against her. It was such coincidence that the weather was heavy with rain as she was executing her escape and that caused the whole situation with Eustacia to be more frustrating and had put her in such a bad mood, which made her decide upon death as the answer to her problems. Moreover, what was ironic was that she had died in a pool of water, which drowned all her problems away with her life.

No matter what had a greater probability in the tragic ending of Eustacia, each had their very own part to play. The combination of each elements in life, acted as a motive for each actions and their consequences. The tragic ending was both a relief and an emotionally troubled end to a blinded love story.

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