Ethics, as defined by the Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary, are

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Ethics, as defined by the Webster?s New Collegiate Dictionary, are the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty or obligation. To me ethics and morals are principles or beliefs that an individual governs their life with in order to do what is right and wrong according to that individual. Ethics and morals are important to me because they decide the way that I feel about how I act and how I want to act.

Honesty is being true to others and most importantly to yourself.

Honesty is needed in order for me to trust someone. Sometimes I will lie because I know what I have done goes against my morals and I don?t want to listen to the lecture that I would receive if I had told the truth. I?ve found out that it is better to just tell the truth and face the consequences instead of lying because the consequences if the truth Is found out after I lie are worse, and because I feel guilty if I lie.

Cheating is something that goes against my morals. I won?t lie and say that I never cheat though. I think when I cheat I am lying to the teacher and to myself. I think the reason I would do it is because if I had not then I would fail and my parents would be upset. When I think about it cheating really isn?t worth the trouble whether I am caught or not because I am lying to myself. When I cheat I?m saying that I know something when I really don?t and when I need to know whatever it was later on in life I won?t know it because I had cheated.

Respect is a very important moral for me. To me respect is all about treating people with dignity or the way that you would prefer to be treated. I don?t think I could get through life without respect. There are many times that I meet people that I don?t care for, but as long as I can respect a person things seem to go smother between us. I know that there are going to be times that I am going to have to be in contact with people that I don?t like, but it seems that when you give respect you tend to receive it back. Respect is a part of tolerance. I think that I have learned from the past that it is better to be more tolerant of people than to treat them with hate. It?s when people haven?t been tolerant of others beliefs and differences that great injustices are done. When I have met people that were different and treated them with respect I sometimes find that they are different than I thought I become good friends with them.

Another moral I believe in is justice. I think justice means that people shouldn?t get away with doing harm to other people. Justice has to do with laws and punishments. I think that there are some laws that have too strict punishments. I don?t think speeding should be a big concern because I think that we have bigger issues that need concern. I think that crimes involving planned harm to others deserve justice. If I was to do something very bad to someone else I think that that person would deserve justice at my expense depending on what my intentions were.

In all I think that morals help us to make well thought out decisions in life. For me morals just help me get along with people better and go through life easier and serve as a guide for what I think is important. While I sometimes go against my morals I think that they let me know who I am as a person.

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