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Essay Should abortion really be legal? I don't think so. A woman can have an abortion if she wants because it is legal. Women might think they have the right to choose because it is their bodies.

Women do have the right to choose, but they should realize that they are making themselves feel better by killing the living baby inside their body. Women think they should get an abortion because they think they won't have time for a baby or they think they are too young or if they just don't like kids at all. I think if they have a baby inside them, they should take some responsibility for their action and have the baby. If they are too young and they are still in school, they should have family members help raise the baby until one of the baby's parents get out of school to raise the child.

Some people might think that they will not be able to make things work, but I know it is possible. The reason why I know that this is possible to do is that I have seen it done before. I have seen someone raise her little girl who is now two years old. She raised her girl as a single parent while she had a job, went to college, and still had time for her little girl. I also have seen two seniors raise a boy who is now two years old. They just had family members help out until they finished the rest of the year. Now they have jobs, their own house, and spend much time with their son.

After all I have seen, I don't know why anyone would want to or have to get an abortion.

I know many people will still get an abortion because it is legal, and even if it weren't, they would still find a way to do it. I don't think someone should have sex if they don't want to get a baby inside of them or if they don't want to have kids. All sex is, is a way for someone to get a baby inside of them. No sex would save a person money and they would not have to kill someone inside of them that might have an effect on the world during his lifetime.

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