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The Patriot Act is a bill that was signed by George Bush forty nine days after September 11. The reason this bill was signed was to stop terrorists and terrorist acts on American soil. Although the Act has helped with more than one hundred and seventy captures, many believe that it is against the rights of civilians. In this essay, I am going to give you my opinion and some reasons to back it up.

First of all, my opinion is against the Patriot Act. I believe that it is against citizens' rights and is abused by authorities. I want this act to be abolished and we should stick to the fourth amendment.

One of my reasons why I am against the Patriot Act is because of the stereotypes an inequality which goes against what our country was built on. Since the attacks on 9/11, many Middle Eastern people that live in the United States are often stereotyped, the authorities included.

Authorities may stereotype and focus on the Middle Eastern people because we have made them known as terrorists. Not only have these people been treated unfairly and unequally, they have had their rights violated as well. This can be seen or heard in shows. In the show 24, a group of Middle Eastern people attack the United States because they have been treated unequally. In another scene, a duo of Middle Easterns help the American agents stop the terrorists to give themselves a good name because of the stereotypes.

Another reason is because of the invasion of privacy. In most cases where the Patriot Act is involved in a case, people have their privacy rights violated. Their phones are tapped and their e-mails are monitored without them even knowing. Most of the time it is for nothing,

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