This is essay is entitled "Soda Ban". The assignment asked for a speech and thus the essay is in speech form. It is against the soda ban.

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It was a late, cool evening in the month of June, and I had just got out of my vigorous, tiring wrestling practice. I packed up my things and started walking to the vending machines. I was so happy to finally replenish my body with the fluids that was missing after sweating 3 pounds off my muscular body. I slowly take 4 quarters out of my pocket and happily release them into the machine. I had been waiting for this moment for 3 long hours. When I finally made impact with the deliciously sounding button, a voice was heard down the hall. It was my history teacher, Mr. Rose. He blurted out, "Trang, you know there's no more soda in the vending machines because of the soda ban right?" I dropped my bags and feel to my knees. Everything seemed blurry and I couldn't think right. The disgusting sentence repeated itself over and over again in my head.

I started to cry. I was dramatized for the rest of my junior high career. That evening really made me think. WHY? Why ban soda? I mean it's an excellent source of profit for the school's spending funds. And besides, banning soda from schools isn't going to stop students from buying it from other places. It's just a big incovenice. One of the main reasons why the soda ban even started was because Deborah Ortiz, the Senator of Sacramento, thought soda was one of the main causes for child obesity. Well you know what my fellow friends? It's not. So why is this crazy woman banning soda from schools? We may never know. But the point is, banning soda from schools is just plain ridiculous. Soda shouldn't be banned because it helps with school spending funds, its just a big inconvenient,

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