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The New and the Old Nigeria:Achebe "Dead Man's Path"

In the story of Chinua Achebe "Dead Man's Path" the school principal and his wife represent the bureaucratic thinking of the new Nigeria in many ways. First of all, they were young energetic people, which makes a big differences. They both had many new ideas, which included beautiful gardens. He referred to the gardens as "modern and delightful." The principal was well educated and very much liked. I feel these few characteristics that I have mentioned played a very important role in making the school better. His secondary school education had set him aside from all the other principals because many of them had not been educated. The youth and energy of the principal represented the New Nigeria very well.

The principal had so many great ideas for turning the school around. He insisted on a high standard of teaching.

Instead of the school looking plain, he wanted it to look as a place of pure beauty. Whatever he dreamed of it came to pass. The lovely gardens he admired dearly. He wanted everything his way and perfect. He shows everything through his eyes and through his eyes only. He did not understand the true meaning of the Old Nigeria and the way of the ancestors. He didn't want nay of the Old Nigeria ways interfering with the New Nigerian ways and schooling ways. It is impossible to take away something that people believe. These people believed in the in their family heritage very strongly. No matter how hard the principal tried he could not take way the people tradition. Tradition is in their hearts and minds.

The way of the people represented the Old Nigeria traditional ways no matter

what the principal had done to change...

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