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Reaction Paper 1. David Espo,(Sep.21,2001). Bush Rallies World to Battle Terrorists. Times Leader. pp.1A,12A.

2. I choose this article because it caught my eye and the big bold print title got my attention. Before reading this article I was curious to see how we were going to react to everything that has happened to our country. I was interested in President Bush?s thoughts on the entire situation and if he wanted to retaliate or stay passive.

3. My response to this article makes me concerned for our country and for our military troops. It also makes me sad inside while thinking about how many lives were effected by this tragic event. And, how so many families lives were destroyed and people suffering because of these terrorist acts. I feel hatred upon the people who were involved in these crimes and reading this article made me feel better about things.

This article made realize how tough we still can be by Bush saying, ?Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done.? And also saying, ?We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail.? 4. Television actually provoked most of the reactions I had toward the September 11th events. It made me understand just how real this was, and made me see how it effected people?s lives who lost loved ones in this disastrous event. To think about the people going to work that day not knowing anything would go wrong makes me feel really upset.

5. This event has changed my whole outlook on many things. I am certainly more cautious about receiving mail, and flying. The other day, my boyfriend had received a catalog containing a powdery substance. It turned out to be a lot of paper fragments finely shredded; it still makes me worried about opening my mail. At work, I see myself acting differently toward people of a certain race.

6. I believe we should use military forces to find Osama Bi Laden, the Taliban, and anyone harboring these terrorists. I believe they committed the most evil sin and they should pay for what they did.

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