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Ervin Samo Gentile Adolphe Thiers "± Thiers was born on April 16, 1797 in Marseilles. He was born into a cloth merchant family that was dubious of what would become of him. "± After studying law at Aix-en-Provence, Thiers went to Paris and joined the group of writers that abhorred the government of King Charles X. Thiers reflected the views of the upper bourgeoisie. "± Thiers found it abstruse that King Charles X was still in power and he knew that something had to be done. Therefore Thiers decided to join the July Monarchy serving in the Cabinet and as Prime Minister. The July Monarchy was basically a revolt in France on July of 1830 against the government of King Charles X. "± During the 1840¡¦s Thiers tried to create a reformist coalition to help save the regime. He felt that it was imperative to save the regime but soon failed because of no support.

"± After being rejected by voters in the Bouches-du-Rhone on April 23, he was then sent to sit for Seine-Inferieure at the National Assembly. During this time he wrote a pamphlet called Du droit de propriete which substantiated the interests of property owners and voiced the anti-socialist fears. "± On December 2, 1851, Theirs and other republicans were arrested and Theirs was ¡§temporarily removed¡¨ from France. He then spent 8 months in England where his sagacious mind allowed him to write yet another powerful peace of work called Histoire du Consulate et de l¡¦Empire. (History of the Consulate and the Empire). "± This allowed Theirs to rebuild his national reputation which would soon play a crucial role in the Franco-Prussian War. People began to think that Thiers would be a great leader that was a true paragon. "± On February 8, 1871 Thiers became the first President in what became the Third Republic. "± Finally Thiers was forced from power in May of 1873, but being the recalcitrant person that he was, he remained in politics for another 3 years. "± Thiers then died in 1877.

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