Epilogue Of The Grapes Of Wrath

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Epilogue When we last left off, the Joads were still struggling to survive their new lives in the west. Rose of Sharon has just bore a still baby. Tom Joad was off on his own escaping the police and trying to gather people together for an uprising. The family was in disarray, but still clinging on to life. Five full years have past since then and a lot has happened. The Joad family reunited with Tom about a year later and began even newer lives. The Dust Bowl of the "˜30's was slowly wearing off and capitalism was slowly put to bed. The Joad family made the cross-country trip back to their hometown. They sought out to rebuild their own lives as farmers and bring some money back into the family. Tom Joad finally escaped his life as a criminal. He stayed with the ideas told to him by Jim Casy and has become very in touch with his religion.

He now attends services every Sunday and even meets with the pastor every once in a while to atone for his sins. Rose of Sharon, after a year of suffering and misery, met back up with her ex-husband Connie. They worked out their differences and got remarried. They had a new baby, which is now healthy and growing, named Jim, after the family's dear friend Jim Casy. Al did end up marrying the girl he spent so much time with before in California, Aggie, and these two are now living on their own as farmers in Oklahoma. Ma and Pa Joad are living happy lives and love every moment of it. They have become wealthy farmers and are having fun doing it. Every five or six months, the family even makes the trip all the way back down to...

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