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David Hay English 1301 Dr. Jordan September 12th, 2001 University? My name is David, I'm a 24 year old Scottish guy now living in Houston after moving from Northern Virginia to work on completing my degree. The past few weeks of my life have been pretty depressing which is great timing for this essay, as I tend to have more to say when I'm this way.

After completing high school I followed my girlfriend, Amber, and several other friends to college at the University of Texas. When I say "followed", I mean chose to go to that school as they were going there. I had intended to attend university no matter what. While I was growing up all I wanted to do was study at a university in the United Kingdom. However, my infatuation with Amber made me completely ignore this.

Nearing the end of our first semester in Austin, Amber decided that she now had stronger feelings for my best friend, Karl, than she did for me.

I felt this slowly happening as the weeks went by at the beginning of school. She then left me and started to date Karl, not missing any opportunity to flaunt their relationship in my presence.

I was then in what I thought was my lives lowest point. I numbed my brain with alcohol and drugs for several months, failed all of my classes and eventually dropped out of school. My intention at this point was to pursue my lifelong dream to attend university in the UK, while getting as far away from Amber as possible.

I then moved to my birthplace, Aberdeen, in the northeast of Scotland, to attend the University that generations of my family only wished they could attend. I lived with my grandparents, where my grandfather reminded...

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