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There are a lot of differences and likes in the ugly duckling. I will be telling you some of these. The differences and likes in this story is the plot. Second I will tell you about the prince. Lastly I will tell you about the princess.

The differences in the story are the plot, the prince, and the princess. First the prince isn't brave because when he went from the tree to the castle and he said he was scared and he barley made it. Second he isn't athletic because he said he couldn't swim. Next he isn't very strong because he couldn't hold the princess all day like he said he could and she didn't way very much either. The princess isn't pretty like all the other stories. Furthermore she not mean or evil because she is nice to everybody. She isn't jealous of anybody either.

The plot is different too. First the story isn't very romantic. They're no bad guys or evil people. Last no one got defeated like other stories.

The likes in the story are the prince, the princess, and the plot. First the prince is looking for a bride which is the same. Second the prince is young too just like the other stories. Next he dresses nice too. The princess also is looking for a bride just like other stories. Second she is very nice to everybody never is really mean to anyone. She is also athletic just like other stories. The plot is a like in many ways. One is in all stories they live happily ever after and this one is no different they live happily ever after. Two this story takes place in a castle and in all fairy tales they take place in a castle too.

To sum it up I told you a lot of differences and likes about the ugly duckling. The topics I told you about were. First there was the prince. Then there was the princess. Last there was the plot. I have learned a lot from writing this essay more than what I did before.

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