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Considering the Endangered Specie Act of 1973, as amended, as well as world efforts to save endangered specie identified as such, what are the arguments for and against by those who would save the specie and those who would let the specie become extinct.

Nature provides us with essentials like clean air, clean water, climate, and pest control and crop pollination. These are currently free and provided by nature, which are dependent upon living species and functioning ecosystems. These ecosystem services stop being free if the essential species and ecosystems that support them become extinct. For those that would want to save the endangered specie, they would truly understand that the loss of specie would block the cycling of a resource and the possibility of that resource being lost forever. With any loss of a specie you lose a variety genetics to could be mixed and add to the diversity and stability of the specie.

Preserving the diversity of life for our future allows us with the ability to adapt to climate change and other environmental problems.

Some see protecting the endangered specie as a loss of money, time, and resources that could be used for other personal activities of man. Even though man is the cause for some of these species to become extinct through pollution, deforestation, over-harvesting, or just the elimination of predator or prey, man has put his personal needs first without thinking of the consequences to the ecosystem. Man needs to be better educated in effort to decrease the amount of specie that are posted each year to the endangered specie list. Without this education, the narrow mindedness will continue without any cause for concern to the environment.

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