The Emotions Of Country Music

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While on my way to school this morning I heard on my favorite country radio station, JR fm, "Friends in low places." Singing along with every memorized word, I blasted the volume until the speakers were on the edge of blowing right then and there. In grid-lock traffic, people along side me smirked in humor at my imitation of the man himself, Garth Brooks. I did not have a care in the world, for my imitating was just about the music and how good it made me feel. I believe music is not just a local or nation-wide love, but a global sound that can be appreciated and listened to in accordance to the listener's mood. Especially country, though in fact all music can enhance an emotion or cause a feeling to surface with sounds, rhythm and words.

Country music is one genre of music that brings to life situations that the majority of listeners have experienced.

Country music is a soothing sound that is easy listening, in addition is fun to sing along with. It is usually clean free from swear words that are very evident in today's popular music. Dealing with the good and the bad emotions, country loves to reflect on the past events that can relate to the listener so much it's scary. The fast songs are usually quite witty, and have fun phrases like, "I'm not big on social graces, so I think I'll slip on down to the oasis," from friends in low places. These songs create followers, bringing people together. These songs, without some people knowing, spread happiness. The pure joy and excitement when two people blast out, "Friends in low places," is like no other feeling. There is a connection between these people as it relates to...

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