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The Debate of Eminem Performing on our soil The article that I am going to analyse is 'Debate is Hypocritical' by Kane Draper from St Joseph's College, Herald Sun, 12/7.

This article is about Eminem should not be allowed to come and perform his music because it Will cause domestic violence to teenagers of Australia. Mr Howard doesn't want Eminem to Come and perform on our soil because of the violence that he will incite to the young if he does perform but Mr Draper thinks that this is a ludicrous thing to say considering that Mr Howard is a person that we look up too as Prime Minister. Merely Eminem is an artist that expresses himself in a different way than we know, the society is very stereotypical and it struggles to accept people like Eminem why not let him perform.

This article has been written in a way that shows his opinion.

Mr Draper isn't very happy on what Mr Howard said about the banning of Eminem coming to Australia to perform.

Firstly Mr Draper puts forward what Mr Howard had said about Eminem and then throughout The article he is very annoyed and shocked on what Mr Howard is saying and he is a person that we look up too in Australia. It isn't right that we judge someone who is different, that he expresses himself and what he thinks threw his music. Think about the fans of Eminem that want to see him live in Australia you can't eliminate him just because he is different, everyone has a right to freedom of speech.

The education system believes that it teaches us to grow as individuals and believe in ourselves, But Mr Howard is rejecting that giving nothing to believe in by rejecting Eminem because he is an individual and that expresses himself in his own way. What do you think the affect will be on the youth if Mr Howard bans Eminem into the country, is individuality wrong? Mr Howard believes that Eminem is a controversial rapper that shouldn't come and perform on our soil because he could incite domestic violence. Mr Draper Believes that Eminem is merely an artist who expresses himself differently to other rappers and that you should not reject individuality. What I believe about all of this that you should encourage individuality not to reject it so I am going with Mr Draper to allow Eminem to perform in our country because Eminem is a person that allot of people look up too because of his individuality and you should never put that down.

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