The Elizabethen play Hamlet is a revenge tragedy that is

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The Elizabethen play Hamlet is a revenge tragedy that is filled with lust, lies, and murder. Revenge is a key element in this play because of the treachery that surrounds each character. Hamlet's endeavor to avenge his father's death leads him into a web wove from the lies told by his family and friends. Hamlet's obsession for revenge makes him angry, sad, lonely, and most of all weak at heart. Revenge is the main focus of this play.

Revenge. This a word that hamlet is forced to live by. The death of his father, the lies, and the incestuous acts done by his mother and uncle all push him to the point of insanity. Hamlet is driven to the edge by his family and friends because of the betrayal the put upon him. Hamlet's life is one of sorrow beginning with the death of his father. Hamlet's father was a Nobel King who was very well respected.

(Hamlet, 17) Hamlet's Uncle Claudius now has the thrown and has married his mother. This makes Hamlet very angry. The ghost of Hamlet's dead father appears in the courtyard and informs Hamlet that Claudius murdered him. Hamlet is now very angry and is forced to seek revenge upon his uncle. Hamlet does not want to kill him until he has committed a sin so he will go to Hell. Claudius is the main character that Hamlet conflicts with. (Hamlet) Claudius took away many things from his brother such as the crown, the queen, his life, and most important the ability to go to Heaven. (Hamlet, Movie) Hamlet now plans a play that will bring the truth out about Claudius. "The plays the thing in which I'll catch the conscious of the King." (Hamlet) This is quote that Hamlet says when he is planning the play. The play starts and shows the death of Hamlet's father and Claudius is very angry and knows now that Hamlet knows. Claudius now puts out an order for Hamlet's death. Hamlet knows about this and now wants to kill Claudius even more. Claudius puts poison in a glass of wine that Hamlet is supposed to drink. Hamlet's mother drinks the wine and dies. Now Claudius has committed a sin so Hamlet kills him and he himself also dies.

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