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Welcome. I felt as though it was time for me to address the American public on this, the Thirteenth day of April, regarding the possibility of me running as the Democratic Presidential nominee.

As I stated in my January press conference, it is silly to talk about me in politics, I have no political ambitions. I am not available and could not accept nomination to high political office. Soldiers, should not become politicians.

Unfortunately, I seemed to have confused a great deal of people when I stated "the decision to remove myself completely from the political scene is definite and positive. I could not accept nomination even under the remote circumstances that it were tendered me. This did not mean I was denying the Republican nomination in favor of running on the Democratic ticket.

Recently the Democrats have taken the attitude that Mr. Truman cannot be re-elected therefore they do not want to re-nominate him.

In this situation, they are turning desperately to anyone that might give them a chance of winning, and they have the cockeyed notion that I might be tempted to make the effort.

The Democrats are desperately searching around for someone to save their sins. Should I choose to accept their nomination, my friends would be shocked and chagrined at the very idea of my running on a Democratic ticket for anything.

Peter Lyon's remark that Mr. Truman proposed running on the same ticket together, with him possibly serving as my Vice President, is completely absurd and I refuse to make any further comment on the issue.

I'd like to thank the ADA, James, Franklin Jr. and Elliot Roosevelt, along wit the countless others who have worked on my behalf, and I would like to leave you with the following statement: No matter under what terms, conditions, or premises a proposal might be presented, I would refuse to accept the nomination.

Thank you and are there any questions?

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