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Title: Albert Einstien Word Count: 909 Albert report be Albert and his was Also kinds theories thought Einstein between years (1879-1905). His began he born Prinstone, Jersey 1879, 14. Einstein born bright eyes, cheeks, a bit black Einstein school he five Albert was but went a Elementary The of Einstein were and Einstein. parents not with Albert's were because was growing Albert's were because was in Later, Albert was he to Gymnasium school. was a school. Alberts in school, to with types of soldiers. Albert want have to with Albert Einstein got grades. in because was favorite He got good lower an in after school, went high He to good in school. parents proud him he getting grades, for class. was the he the He liked class since took course middle high Albert enrolled Polytechnic in Switzerland he seventeen of Albert mathematics physics the did like. Albert to very while attended In Albert from and asked join physic but denied request.

After Albert to where became citizen. stayed Switzerland for years he Mileva In after got well both to married. produced sons. World I Alberts from family. time his Albert to his in local One his theories the of which the of the of and other he thinking making Some his were new and of "Popgun" gun). this not that was with was to Ph. D. the of when would of invention, would a paper and his down. time Albert the Prize his of in field Theoretical time Alberts changed In of Alberts passed He of years Albert married. second was "Theory the and of theory the of wave. is "Electro- magnetic is flow discreet This also that in strong field be to third was of best he thought theory "The of This "proved if body off E the of its diminishes be where is velocity light), the equation relating and After past, theory relativity enormously to original profound. 1911, predicted gazing sun seconds arc. 1916, several Albert was to and the chapter his of That and gave the he Einstein less in his to universe. 1920, Einstein's was complete. 1921, wrote book "Discovery the manner for people...and for a of past." the 1920's, rejected quantum basic was make formula included probability tion. Einstein said, does play Einstein about over of books mostly his He a page on theory relativity. don't the bomb. dangerous made the after from side. 4. In at age 76, died. He two with first the with second conclusion, would to that Einstein one the person He a difference the of space-time mass energy, of the of General of would to learning about Einsteins theories he a of knowledge. too like make big in world much Albert did.

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