Effects Of Terrorist Attack

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When I first heard about the 9/11 accident I could not believe it. I was shocked. I couldnt even move from the spot from where I was watching. It seemed as though I as watching a movie, but it wasn't a movie it was real and it was happening. My first thoughts were that the end of the world was upon us, World War 3 was here. But I'm sure that everybody around the world. As a result of the terrorists acts, many changes occurred. Changes in Airport security, the mail service and the like. The only social change I observed was the way you sent mail. I could not send any mail weighing more than 6 ounces. Also, being an Asian I'm very afraid. The reason I'm afraid is that I have to watch what I say or do. I'm afraid that when people look at me all they will see is the similarities in color and race with the terrorists of 9/11.

As far as the national steps taken by the government to deal with of and terrorism, I'm all for it. I don't think they can do anything else to protect the country. If was the president of the United States would not declare a war on a country but to declare a 2 war on terrorism. The international steps taken to combat terrorism has been excellent. There's lot's of things I could do to deal with this crisis if I were the president of the United states. First, would ensure to the American people that the country will function as normal. Then will attack the terrorists them selves were ever they are. There are a lot of consequences if you send troops to another country. First, I would have to worry future attacks on this country.

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