Educating Rita

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"˜Educating Rita' is a film in which the main characters are Frank, an alcoholic university teacher, and Rita, a very plain young woman who is eager to learn, to have a good education.

Rita (whose real name was Susan) was a twenty six- year- old girl who wanted to change her plain life. Since she worked as a hairdresser during the day, she had to study with the Open University syllabus. She attended classses at night and her tutor was Frank.

At first, he thought she was very plain and rather innocent, so he recommended her another teacher. But as she liked him and the way he guided her, she continued to go to his office.

Rita had a lot of personal problems, because she was married to a man who didn't have an education and thought that all her effort was worthless. All what her husband wanted was to have a baby.

However, she was discovering another world and started to like going to the theatre and reading important poets instead of her old romance novels.

But on the other hand, she felt as if she were "˜out of class'. She didn't belong to the group of people sorrounding Frank, but also considered herself rather strange among her old friends or family. She changed her aspect and look as well.

As the time passed, she began to improve and her teacher believed she had more common sense than the people in his own circle. Then, he could give her the freedom to write more essays, and even to judge his poetry.

Rita had to overcome some difficulties as well: she had to choose between her husband or leaving her studies. She decided to learn, as she said she wanted to "˜sing a better song'.

All the...

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