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Natural Cool VS Unnatural Cool The feeling of being cool, loose, energized, euphoric, is what we all desire. And there¡¦s an easy way that can get you to be all that, It¡¦s called Ecstasy. It comes in all kinds of interactive forms, such as pills and stamps with tiny innocent pictures on it. People usually take Ecstasy in parties, where they can feel the music and energy while dancing. Sounds fun doesn¡¦t it? If you think of the long term damage that is involved it¡¦s not worth it.

New studies from the Netherlands have proved that people that use or have used Ecstasy suffer long-term memory damage, even after quitting. The experiment took place by comparing recent Ecstasy users, people who used the drug but not for at least a year, and some who had never taken the drug. Both recent and Ex-users had poor scores on the tests taken in recall and verbal memory in comparison to the control group.

The reasons for this memory effect are because ecstasy influences and enhances the doses of Serotonin in the brain. Now, you¡¦re probably asking what is Serotonin? well it¡¦s a brain chemical linked to mood and emotions, and while taking ecstasy the chemical is forced to be produced, which is not it¡¦s natural way. As a result it becomes dependent on the drug, and damages the part of the brain that is supposed to produce Serotonin, that is linked the area of the memory in our brains.

Yes, it could be an hour of fun and happiness, (and again it depends on the person) but wouldn¡¦t you feel even more cool if it¡¦s something that comes naturally and not sadly by something from ¡§the out side¡¨? Think about it. ƒº

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