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Intro Today I am going to speak to you about a new concept Accenture is attempting to initiate. This is the concept of uCommerce, or ubiquitious Commerce. This is commerce happenning at any point in time, from desktops, to mobile phones, even to such items as the copier or refrigerator. Before I get more in-Depth with uCommerce, I am going to delve into the backbone of the concept.

Ecommerce Explain what it is What happened to it MCommerce Stands for mobile commerce. This is an arena that many companies seem reluctant to step into. MCommerce could grasp a large focus group. At the moment mobile phones are used to check news, email, and get directions. We at accenture believe that mobile phones and PDA's will be used for far more in the long run. The future, an emphasis on future(explain) will get into the purchasing of goods and services SCommerce Silent, or intelligent commerce, will be able to span into a wide variety of goods and services.

Also a future concept. Explain.

UCommerce This uCommerce will be a whole integration of the way of doing Commerce. UCommerce isn't a replacement, but a fusion of all the commerces.

Items needed in order to fully implement uCommerce Ease of use (mCommerce) explain Filtered clear information explain Billing of micropayments explain Time explain

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