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Executive Summary

This report explores e-learning which offers the alternative method for people to study tertiary education through the Internet. The new technology allows the learners access the courses at anytime and around the world. The report indicates some Universities that provide e-learning programs online. Also it classifies e-learning into two categories synchronous and asynchronous, and explains each one separately. Moreover, the report points out the successful e-learning programs have considered some features, for instance the course should design by a credible source and the program should contains remediation function. Finally, the learner should have the ability to self direct their own learning as well, such as good manage for their time management and familiar basic computer technique skills.

E-learning is considered the latest advance in technology-based learning and it plays an increasingly important role in expanding learning opportunities. This technology is seen as an alternative to taking courses in the traditional classroom setting, providing flexibility and convenience in education.

The number of tertiary education institutes around the world has increased to offer online courses and degrees in order to satisfy increasing demand for education and providing education for those whose needs can not be met by the formal educational process (Charp 2002 online). E-learning make the education is available anywhere and anytime.

As stated in a KnowledgeNet white paper, 'Exploring the E-learning Myth', the ultimate learning experience is one 'that adapts to the student's level of expertise, that's engaging, animated, full of relevant examples and yes, delivered by real live humans in real time. There would be simulations and hands-on labs as well as quizzes, pre-assessment tests, online assistance, assignments and monitoring 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week' (Charp 2001 online). Another definition for E-Learning is learning that takes place in the context of 'using the internet and associated web-based services as the...

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