During swim season last year, we had many hard swim

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During swim season last year, we had many hard swim meets. One of which turned out to be a total disaster swim meet. Our last swim meet of the season was a total disaster because we had a different coach , swimmers were out sick, and our dissapointed real coach afterwords.

When you have a different swim coach for a meet, it is very hard to do what your supposed to do. For example, usually the coach tells you to start to get ready for your event when it is almost up. Our teams real coach also gave us a prep talk before every meet, and before each of our swim events. Our real coach knew just what to say to each of us to get us pumped for the event. He told us exactly what we had to do to win. The coach that we had for the meet was actually a soccer coach named Mr.

Rowley. He didn't have a clue about what was going on. Mr Rowley didn't know what he had to do, or what had to be done before and after each event.

Besides a different coach, the team was lacking swimmers. Some of the swimmers had the flu, while others didn't come because the didn't feel good overall. There were six swimmers total that didn't show up for the meet. The remaining of the ten of us had to swim different events. We had to get as many points as we could to win the meet. Two of our swimmers swam so hard that they barfed after their race. One kid swam the five hundred freestyle. This was an event that he had never swam before. When he first dove in, he lost his goggles as he hit the water.

He had to swim the full race with no goggles on his face. He looked really funny because the goggles were wrapped around his neck the whole time. Another teamate had to swim the individual medley. This is an event where you have to swim all the different strokes in a certain order. He didn't do to bad, but hd didn't get the finish we needed to win the meet. Dave another swimmer, dove in for the fifty freestyle. As he approached the wall for his flipturn, he completly missed it which took about two seconds off his time. That bad race just added to the teams failure.

When the meet was over, our real coach heard about it the next day. He was disappointed at the team because we didn't put on a good show for the crowd. He said to the whole team that if we pull a stunt like that agian then he would make it so each team member would take turns swimming the most difficult events in the next meet. Swimmers messed up in their events and didn't siwm good overall. In practice that day, he made us swim very hard to make up for it. The coach made us swim a bunch of fifty freestyld sprints, as well as a series of long distance workouts. The next morning, he made us go to the weight room before school even started. It seemed as if the steam in his head never escaped which made me think of a train.

With a different coach, the lack of swimmers, and the real coaches' response is all part of a total disaster swim meet. With these factors, not another swim meet will ever be as bad as this one.

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