During my extensive sociological research on suicide, I have found

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During my extensive sociological research on suicide, I have found some surprising results on six more subjects based upon social bonds. I have discovered that Jewish people have had lower suicide rates than Protestants or Catholics. The reason for this is that Jewish had a lower suicide rate due to the hardships that the Jews have had to face throughout their history. The Catholics and Protestants have never had mass murder affect their lives as the Jewish people did during camps of Auschwitz. Persecution has led their ancestors to teach the next generations to value and cherish their lives and not take them for granted.

The second result is that people with higher levels of education have had higher suicide rates than those with lower education. This is due in part to their lives years after the education. Those with higher education went on to find better, higher paying jobs than those with lower education.

The only problem is that better, higher paying jobs bring more stress and anxiety which some people can't take and it drives them to the brink of suicide.

The third result is that married people had lower suicide rates than single people. This is true because single people don't have as many social bonds as married people. Single people are lonelier and are not dedicated to one person as married people are. Not having that one person to turn to that will always understand you can lead a person to suicide.

Up next is those with children had lower suicide rates than the childless. This is because those with children feel a need to provide and take care of the child. There are a few good reasons for not committing suicide but not abandoning your children should be at the top of the list. I don't think it would set a great example either.

The fifth result was that older people had higher suicide rates than younger people. This is due to the increase of disrespect that older people have to deal with. It is a shame to say but in today's fast paced world, it is hard being an older person in today's society. It is amazing how many people complain about old people, which in turn lead them to a life of solitary and loneliness.

The sixth and last result is that suicide rates were higher in rural areas than in urban areas. I can contribute this to the lack of population in rural areas. In urban areas it is easier to find friends and interact socially. The rural areas are not as active and are scarcely populated. People in urban areas are prone to suicide to break the monotony of their lives because they feel as if the area that they live in is very dull.

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