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English Essay: Illegal Drugs The world will always have illegal drug problems until new strategies are developed is this true. And what are some of the problems and solutions.

Illegal drugs will always be a problem in the world. Illegal drugs cause people to steal from people or houses so they can pay for their drugs. Maybe even kill for money. On top of this addicts get in trouble with the law. It causes terrible problems for your health and body and you end up getting addicted to it. I think it is true that if the world will always have illegal drug problems until strategies are developed. I think some solutions could be to have injection rooms and if you are addicted you should obtain a license and obtain the drugs for free instead of getting it from dealers.

Illegal drugs are found all over the world and it will be like that unless something is done.

Drugs cause people of all ages young and all to steal, they steal because they need money to pay for the drugs. They don't want to do but they have to because they are addicted. They're stealing gets them into trouble with the law. One for stealing and two for possession of illegal. I think some solutions for people who are addicted and need to steal are they could go to special injection rooms were they are given drugs which are then reduced slowly until the person is rid of the addiction. Like in the U.K. and Sweden they do this but in places like America they just have illegal drug dealers. Also they could invent a patch like they did for cigarettes accept for different types of drugs.

The people who sell are even worse they find pour people on the...

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