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Again, the United States has achieved economic prosperity through its confidence of the private sector--a democratic, free market. Signs of a bullish market strengthen hope for the American worker to obtain financial stability. Although positive company earnings reinforce job security, it is education, not company loyalty, which provides financial security. A college degree furnishes a decent salary accordingly; a college graduate makes more money than a high school graduate does.

With reference to Peter Drucker's essay "The Age of Social Transformation," competitive employers search for his redefined educated person, ""¦ somebody who has learned how to learn, and who continues learning" (233). In a tight job market, they require prospective recruits who can productively carry out their tasks independently and collaboratively: ""¦ with knowledge work growing increasingly effective as it is increasingly specialized, teams become the work unit rather than the individual itself" (235). Additionally, well-planned strategic goals and cooperative management yield productive work along with efficient productivity.

At the start of a career, a new employee possesses formal knowledge and basic work skills, which are primary resources for the workplace. Other than monetary compensation, the workplace provides adversity in knowledge and residency, as well as experience, skills or accomplishments. As dedicated time is put into the work, an employee can also improve with continuing education, seminars or workshops. Consequently, the knowledge will have grown to become an effective instrument. This leads to an agreement with Drucker: "Only the organization can provide the basic continuity that knowledge workers need in order to effective." (235) Leaning towards Drucker's emphasis on the knowledge society, the employee or knowledge worker has become an essential part of society. Within his breakdown on the emergence of this knowledge society, ""¦ knowledge for the most part exists only in application" (234). Knowledge is construed as...

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