Driving A Privilege

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You find yourself waiting to renew your license in the local D.O.L. (Department of Licensing). In the building there are children just fifteen years old waiting to receive their drivers permit, along with those sixteen year-olds trying to get their drivers license. Sitting next to you is a elderly person (say about eighty years old) waiting to renew their drivers license. How can a child of sixteen be considered mentally and morally able to acquire a drivers license? This child cannot see a R-rated movie because society feels that sexual or violent content is too explicit for someone of this age. A sixteen year-old cannot drink alcohol or use tobacco products, nor can they be drafted for military use. Children this age can not be sent to an adult prison for actions committed by themselves. A child this age is considered by our society to not be mature enough to make a educated decision in voting.

On the other hand, we have people that are reaching an age when their bodies are not as physically capable as they once were. Some elderly minds may be fit, but their physical ability and reaction to situations may not be quick enough. Elders may be suffering from disabilities leaving them handicapped, or be diagnosed with heart medical condition that could paralyze them at any unexpected time, possibly while driving and leaving them not in control of the vehicle. Being surrounded by youths and elderly on the road, one would have to ask themself, " At what age should a child be able to acquire a drivers license, and what age or time should a elder be considered not physically capable of driving?" One could say that it is not morally right to take away the driving privileges of an...

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