Domestic violence

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domestic violence

Domestic violence. The first vision that crosses most minds is the quick thrust of a husbands hand across the sacred face of his wife. All to well it is an everyday event happening in nearly one third of family's homes. And what are the most common responses to this heinous, cowardly act? It would be thought to be viewed as an act deserving the penalty of death. But rather the reasoning behind most are such expressions as, "she deserved it," or "she needs to be kept in line" (DVD, 1). Some experts say women are more likely to be killed by their male partners than by all other perpetrators combined (Awake, 5). This expose will scratch the surface as to what domestic violence is and why men do it, why women tend to stay in the abusive relationship, and the consequences of staying as well as ways to prevent it from going on or stopping it.

The true textbook definition of domestic violence is stated as outrage belonging to the home. Anyway it's viewed, domestic violence is neither warranted nor wanted. Clearly stated in the bible in Ephesians 5:28, "Husbands ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself." Many theories have been derived as to why men batter women. They include: family dysfunction, inadequate communication skills, provocation by women, stress, chemical dependency, and economic hardship (DVD, 1). The ironic part to it all is that batters come from all groups, backgrounds, and personality traits (DVD, 1). Up until recently domestic Harrison 2 violence has not been treated as a real crime (DVD, 1). In a study conducted in January of 2001 it showed the worst the case of domestic violence... | First Man - le premier homme sur la Lune streamango | City of Darkness