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Doll's House Continuation of the story Nora has left Torvald and her home in search of self-development. She is now staying with her good friend, Christine. Christine was contented to take her in until she found a place to live. There was exciting news that Christine wanted to tell Nora. She told Nora that she's with Krogstad again and they're thinking of getting married. Nora was thrilled for Christine to hear such wonderful news. Nora decided that she would travel to some country and see what the world holds for her. Christine supported her. Only for two days, Nora stayed at Christine's house. She wanted to leave as soon as possible to start her life again. Brazil was where Nora decided to travel. Torvald still wanted to keep in contact with Nora, but he knew she wouldn't talk to him or see him again. Christine was his only connection to her.

Nora left town and her adventure began. She tried out as being a secretary for a small company, but she did so poorly and ended up getting fired. An actress, which Nora thought was the perfect career for her, was what Nora decided to try out. She was very determined to pursue this career. As years past by, Nora became very successful and she got the fame that she always wanted. She wrote to Christine and told her that she's been doing very well. Meanwhile, Torvald was unhappy and very depressed about Nora leaving him. He asked Christine how Nora was doing, and the word "great" was used. He was happy for her to find something that she enjoyed doing, but he was still miserable because she left him. Torvald pondered nights and days wishing so much for Nora to be at his side. Lately, Torvald had been drinking a lot, slacking off in his job, and paid no attention to his children. As weeks past by, Torvald got weak and tried. He became very ill. His body got very swollen and hardened. The doctor said he wasn't sure what kind of disease he has, but he knew his heart could explode anytime. This sickness was severe and he could die anytime soon. Torvald contacted Christine about his terrifying news. He wanted Christine to tell Nora that he was dying and he will always care about her no matter what happens. When Nora heard about Torvald's news, she was shocked and scared. Torvald wanted very much to see Nora one last before he go. Nora immediately flew over to see him. When she entered into his room, she saw Torvald lying in his bed lifelessly. "Torvald!" Nora cried out. She rushed to his bed and leaned beside him. Nora sobbed and sobbed. Torvald tilted his head slowly to Nora and looked into her teary eyes. Torvald spoke quietly and softly, "I'm so glad you're here. When I'm gone..." Nora interrupted, "Please don't say that." Tovald said, "Take good care of our children. I know you can do it. I will always keep you in my heart. Farewell, my love." His eyes closed and his head titled away slowly. Nora shook him begging for him to wakeup, "Torvald, no! Please wakeup!" Nora spoke out softly, "I'm so sorry." She then lay beside him.

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