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Gold Coast is a large urban centre reestablished in 1874, situated in Queensland's Great South East on the eastern seaboard of Australia just 80km south of the City of Brisbane.

The settlement site of Gold Coast is a major tourism destination. The Gold Coast can boast an average of 245 days of fine weather each year and daytime temperature's above 22 degrees for 279 days a year. The Gold Coast populates about 400,000, making it the sixth largest city in Australia. This is expected to increase to more than half a million within the next decade.

The Gold Coast is served by Coolangatta Domestic Airport as well as Brisbane's International Airport. A rail link from Brisbane to the Gold Coast was opened in February 1996 while the high tech Pacific Motorway linking the two cities was completed last year. The water supplied to the Gold Coast comes from Hinza Dam situated west of Nerang, which is Gold Coast major catchment area.

In 1933 Surfers Paradise was named. Since these times the Gold Coast has retained it's position as a tourist venue. The major growth in population has occurred since the 1950's.

Captain Cook passed this coast in 1770 and named Point Danger and Mount Warning. The Aborigines knew the Gold Coast Area as Kurrungul. The term referred to the endless supply of hardwood for Boomerangs. The Tweed, Nerang and Coomera River areas quickly became thriving timber industry areas as logger's sort the prized cedar wood. As time went on areas of the Gold Coast became sugar cane fields and farms. Oyster farming and fishing of course developed in the Broadwater area.

Our Hinterland Rainforests are home to native wildlife that is unique to Australia.

There are 160kms of walking trails through the National Parks and Hinterland. The Gold Coast is also a very popular area for an investment property - both commercial and residential - and/or a holiday house or unit. The tourist strip along the coastline comprises predominantly low-rise and high-rise units, International Hotels, shopping and commercial centers and a limited number of houses, some of which have absolute beach frontage. Immediately to the west of this strip is the main residential area which comprise units, townhouses, villas, duplexes and houses. Some of these are located on the magnificent tidal , with heaps of Tourist attractions thrown in and is very friendly town which is very lovely and comforting.

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