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The Doe Network is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to assist law enforcement officials in solving cold cases concerning unexplained disappearances and unidentified victims from North America, Australia and Europe. Their main purpose is to give the people back their names that have remained nameless, and to also help return the missing to their families.

The Doe Network accomplishes its mission by doing the following three tasks: the cases are given exposure through The Doe Network's website; volunteers are asked to search for clues or similarities to make possible matches on unidentified and missing persons; and lastly through media exposure. The organization also readily makes the effort to cooperate with missing persons law enforcement agencies and medical examiners.

Although The Doe Network provides a worthy service to those in need, there are a few criteria that one must meet to be helped. First of all, the unidentified victims' cases must have occurred prior to the year 2003 and the case must have been filed with a law enforcement agency. And lastly, either a photo or reconstructed image must be available. The criteria for unexplained disappearance are slightly different. First of all, the victim must have disappeared prior to 1996 and must have been filed with a law enforcement agency. Lastly there must also be an image of the victim.

Altogether, The Doe Network provides an important service to those either searching for the missing or looking to be found.

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