Do you know about gun and weapon safety? It is

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Do you know about gun and weapon safety? It is an important thing to know.It could be a matter of life or death.

. If you go to your friend's house and he or she show you that their parents , have a gun run to your house and tell you parent's immediatly Guns should be locked up at all times and children should not be able to get to a gun.

.Here's some of the reasons why you should not touch a gun. You may think a gun is lock or not full of bullet's but what happen's if it is ... full of bullets you will hurt yourself or someone else .

Regularly 6 or 5 or 100 kids mostly die from by accidently shooting themself by a unlocked gun .Gun's are okay I guess . It's an athletic sport .Weapon's are bad ..because you can hurt someone and your self and you may even DIE ! Weapon's are bad because your friend may tell you to play a game and you say no your friend will take something and hurt you .

Anything can be a weapon you belt , a toy , and even a PENCIL ! Weapon's are okay I guess .One reason is that if a wild bull is after you you can take a whip and whip it to make it stop chasing after you . Now dont think everyone with a gun is bad .Policemen and Women use gun's so do detectives. They need gun's because Policepeople can defend themselves from bad guys. Detective's need gun's so they can protect themselves too.And sometime's parent's keep gun's to protect there family .

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