Do women have to much to do?

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I can remember when my Great Grandmother was alive, she use to talk about how all she did was take care of the children, cooked and kept the house clean and how my grandfather worked at the Steel Mill for twenty five years. I think of how taking care of children, cooking and cleaning were a task within itself. Today women have to work a fulltime job and do all the other tasks required. Women are expected to do more today than in the past. Women today do have too much to do.

Today woman are required to perform the same tasks as a male. Meaning being the provider and caregiver of the children and family, but not limited to also taking care of her self. I can remember when I was child everything was solely dependent on my mother. She had to take care of my sister and I while going to work Monday thru Friday.

Raising two girls was a project in itself because my sister and I always found some type of trouble to get into, but my mother always found time to come to the rescue. My mother would always tie a lesson into the trouble I got into. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from my mother was how to be independent and to take full responsibility of my actions.

Many women also take the responsible on to also go to school. Take myself example, I don't have any children but just working a full time job and going to school full time requires a lot. It always seems like I don't have enough time to do the small things. For instance being a single woman requires a lot of maintenance, just to get my hair done takes a couple...

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