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On April 27 2001 there was a genetic updata conference held at the Potter Center at Jackson Comminty College. In this conference they talk all the new thing that they can do with chromosomes in the human, the infection that these chromosomes have, and the new technology they have where they can work on the chromosomes. So in this year this updata is called the revolutionary revolution in genetics.

The first thing they talked about was that this revolution start in the year 1958 in Biology, Medicine and Biotechnology. For example, they have been working on this human genome project for 15 yeas. They have thought that the human body has 3,100,00,000 nucleotides, which cost $3,000,000,000 a dollar per nucleotide. Another thing the thught was that the human body had 80,000 to 140,000 genes. But, by October 1, 1990 they found out that the human body has between 30,000 and 35,000 gene.

Also withn this they have found that the human body has 80,000 proteins in it. Another thing they told us that there is no genetic basic for race and thaqt we all are 99.99% DNA the same. In addition to this they told us that all the chromosomes in the human body is load with bacteria DNA. So the reason for this revolution is so they can find treatment for all these medical disease, like typhoid, malaria, and aids, which does not have to do with genes.

The next thing they talked about was the medical etiology of the human gentics problems. They told us that the problems are genetic and acquired. In the problems are genetic it can be cytogenetics, which has to do with the chromosomes. It can be mongenic, which is single gene pair or in can be multifactorial, which is inborn errors of development.

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