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Her melodic voice runs through your body, forcing you to gently close your eyes in ecstasy. Her rhythmic words bounce around you while you subtly move your body in sync with the skillfully played drums. For some reason you catch yourself smiling, wishing you knew the words to sing along. This seems to be a trend among first-time listeners of this twenty-five year old Philadelphia girl. India Arie blessed the record stores everywhere on Tuesday with her new album "Acoustic Soul." Her first single released is a song titled "Video," which debuted on the Billboard Top #100 at #80 last Thursday. Though her album her song was recently released, India Arie has been in music for some time, though not in the spotlight. She began playing in local coffee houses in Atlanta and eventually performed on the stages of Lilith Fair with the likes of Natalie Merchant, Sheryl Crow, and Sarah McLachlan, though not very similar in sound.

Arie seems to pride herself on adding a more soulful sound to her music with jazzier beats and a deeper bass groove. Her vocal ability seems to increase with every track heard from the album. When I listen to India Arie, and try to identify her music, the only definition that comes to mind is "a female Ben Harper." They both seem to grab you with their soothing sounds and versatile beats.

India Arie brings a new, desperately needed, touch to mainstream music which, lately, is packed with boy bands, teen angst, and convicts. If you like a jazzy sound mixed with soul and a hint of hip-hop, or just have an appreciation of good music, your won't be disappointed with this addition to your music library. I've had no complaints since I've heard her work; in fact, I'm quite...

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