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DIVORCE IS TOO EASY In today's society, one of the toughest things people can go through is divorce, or is it? In today's society it is rarely even a shock that people are divorced. It has become as common place as the marriage itself. Between 50% and 67% of all first time marriages end in divorce (Gottman, 1998). This same report done on divorce rates(Gottman, 1998) also found that on second marriages, the rate is about 10% higher than for the first. Infact, approxiamately 2% of children living in the United States are faced with parental divorce each year (Emery & Forehand, 1994),and, in one sample of children it was observed that 25% of the children experienced a parental breakup by the age of 14(Baydar,1998). In most of all the newspapers you can look in and see a list of all the people getting married however you can also look across the page and see a list just about as long of people getting divorced.

With the advent of no-fault divorce- named after no-fault insurance- blame is no longer an issue in granting a divorce. The goal was to simplify the divorce process, reducing conflict and cost. Instead no-fault divorce has driven up the divorce rate and shifted the acrimony from the battle over who is at blame for ruining the marriage to battles over child support, visitation and custody. Oklahoma was the first state to introduce no -fault in 1953, but most states followed suit only after then Governor Ronald Reagan signed it in to law in 1970. Until then, fault based divorces required one spouse to prove the other had committed adultery, cruelty, desertion,drunkenness. They hired detectives to gather imfomation against their spouses that could be used in a court of law. If couples had no evidence,

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