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I have probably struggled with the matter of hunger my whole life, however if I had to distinguish a significant moment in my life, I would travel back to the age of 12 years old. It was a memorable spring day to many; unfortunately for myself it was very unmemorable. It was the day I decided to weigh myself for the first time in my life.

On my own, out of curiosity, I jumped on that ominous box we call the scale. Excited, yet scared at the same time I closed my eyes and then opened them once I felt balanced. When I did open my wandering eyes, my throat tightened my stomach dropped to my toes and I cringed at the numbers that read 110lbs.

Now, I didn't know this back then, but I was naturally thin. For a girl measuring 5-6, 110lbs was actually too thin. I'd never really given my weight much thought before, and although I knew plenty of girls my age that obsessed about their large tummies or big thighs, I'd always viewed them as a rather absurd species.

There fights against fat were a usually unnecessary habit that I viewed a waste of time and directly too tedious. I had very little experience with watching my weight. I'd never cared too "tone-up" or lose weight, I mean my God, I was only 12 years old. However, subconsciously I knew I had embarked on a dangerous journey and whether I wanted to believe it or not I was playing rushing roulette with a game called a "DIET."

For being so young and naïve, I was compelled to this vocabulary word, diet. I knew the essential truth about it. Suddenly, in that instant I looked in the mirror and bold faced…I declared.. "Erica, you're going on...

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