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Dickinson Essay

Emily Dickinson was a great poet. She had every spectacular method to her writing. Her lack of a rhyme scheme help set the mood for the poem, while her figurative language and metaphors made u think, and the perspective of who the poem is by gives you a new way of looking at what is being said. Dickinson's unique technique is one that works for her messages and emotions being expressed in her writings.

None of Dickinson's poems I've read have a spectacular rhyme scheme if any rhyming at all. She may rhyme every now and then but it is all over the place. Her lack of a rhyme scheme though does not affect her message in a bad way. Her lack of a rhyme scheme doesn't make the poem anymore incomprehension able. Her poems still flow and leave a little impression of herself upon you when read.

This technique alone however is not what makes her a good writer. Her other techniques combined are what make her a great writer.

Dickinson hardly never says exactly what she is saying directly. She uses a series of metaphors, similes, and other writing disguises to disguise or better describe her emotions. For example she writes "I felt a Funeral, in my Brain, And Mourners to and fro Kept Treading-treading-till is seemed That Sense was breaking through." This however doesn't mean that she was at a funeral and was mourning over a lost. Most people interpret it as a feeling of sorrow she was overwhelmed with. It's a metaphor for an emotion she was currently feeling but she disguises it behind other words with different meanings. This is another technique that Dickinson uses but only one more of many.

The last technique...

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