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Diagnostic Essay The Award winning musical Rent has had a positive emotional effect on me since attending the show in 1997. It has an effect on my outlook on life, my outlook on and acceptance of others, and my future career goals. This piece of art has inspired me in many ways and has had a tremendous positive emotional effect on me.

The musical Rent is about a group of artists (actors, filmmakers, and singers) living in the East Village section of New York City. They are dealing with various problems in life, everything from drugs and diseases to rejection from society. They each live life to the fullest and believe in themselves and support each other as a small community. This support that they demonstrate has helped me have a positive outlook and life and to help others. Rent has inspired me to live my life to the fullest and to not let anyone or anything stand in my way.

One of the major lyrics in Rent is used over and over again and has become a motto for my life. The lyric is "No Day But Today." This simple lyric means live your life to the fullest everyday and not worry about the little things in life that may try and get you down. Some of the characters in the show are living with the AIDS or HIV virus. They sing about not living in the past or the future but living in the present and to cherish every day that they are alive. There are many things in life to be accomplished; this slogan is one to live by.

Rent is about people from all walks of life. The people are different from myself, but are able to identify with. Some of the characters are different by race, religion, or sexual orientation. Living in today's world, you will face people from all different backgrounds. This play has made me more aware of the differences in people and to accept them the way they are. I have learned about these different groups of people through the show and I am able to accept them. After seeing the musical, most of the audience comes out of the theatre with an open mind, if they did not have one to begin with. This country is filled with people that are different and the characters in Rent represent people in real life that are different. While watching the show, the audience gets a better understanding of today's youth.

Rent has helped me realize my life long goal and career. After seeing the show, I was determined to accomplish my life long goal of becoming an actor. I am now able to say I am working hard and not giving up at this profession. This is the biggest impact that the musical has had on me. The musical has made me aware of my creative side and my need to act. While watching the actors on stage, I realized that I would like to do what they are doing as a career. It has given me the confidence and determination that I need to start this career. Once again, the lyrics of the musical "No day but today" is proven in my quest to become an actor. There is no time like the present for me to start this and I know that I can accomplish it.

This musical has not only just touched my life but many others. It has made me a better person. I am now a stronger person that I was before because of the effects that this musical has had on me. I am an open-minded person and I am able to accept people the way that they are and not to prejudge them because of things that they cannot change. This musical has awakened me to the career that I have longed to have all my life. I am now able to accomplish it with the determination that Rent has given me. This has had a major effect on my life.

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