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"There is an intimate and necessary relationship between the processes of actual experience and education." I agree with Dewey's statement that education and experience are related. I can remember back in middle school when we would actually go to the lab and do experiments such as chemical reactions. It was very evident and easy for me to understand and remember what happened in the experiment because I did it and saw the results with my own eyes. This is an example of genuine education because I profited and gained knowledge from experience.

Dewey says that, "But the gulf between the mature or adult products and the experience and abilities of the young is so wide that the very situation forbids much active participation by pupils in the development of what is taught." I think this is a good point because some of the information in our textbooks today is too complex for the students to understand.

However, I think that some teachers today have a hard time taking the information from the textbook and putting into understandable terms or activities for the students.

Dewey states that, "..experience and education cannot be equated to each other." I can relate to this in that I have seen it in school that I have tutored in. Again, some teachers have a hard time making information fun through games, activities, worksheets, etc. I saw one student play a history game in class in which the objective was to locate certain government buildings on a map of Washington D.C and then find out what there function was. This student followed the directions perfectly, went through the whole game without a problem, but somewhere along the way he lost sight of the objective and came out with no information at the end of...

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