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Some people believe that a person's destiny lies solely on pure chance or accident. Others believe that it relies on God and other supernatural beings. Some believe that it is merely fate that routes us on the course of life. I, however, believe that it depends entirely on the person himself. I feel that it depends on what religion the person chooses, what kind of drive the person has, and the support he is given by others.

Religion plays an important role in many people's lives. Some people choose to live for Christ. Others choose to worship Buddha, but no matter what supreme leader is chosen, it gives a person someone to follow. In following a leader or group of leaders gives the person direction and a sense of meaning. He feels as if he owes it to his leader to be good in his faith. To be in good faith is to supply an abundance of great wealth.

Another key factor in the quest for a good quality of life is the person's personal drive. What does he want out of life? What will it take for him to get it? Is he willing to make sacrifices or to set goals? These are all elements of a superior personal drive. If the person is willing to go as far as he has to acquire what he needs, he will succeed. If he wants it bad enough, and is realistic enough, he will achieve his personal goals.

Lastly, a person needs someone to "back him up" along the way. He needs friends and family to be able to support him in his decisions. Having someone in your corner really helps when times get tough. Knowing that someone is there to help always makes things outwardly better. To...

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