Determined Soldier

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Determined Soldier I am a determined soldier. I have fought many battles before, but the greatest battle is getting Liberty for all. We are engaged in a mighty struggle for Liberty. Those who see ignore and those who hear, block the voices out. Many still want slavery for others. We shouldn't need fleets and armies to have liberty; we should automatically love and have peace. Should we have to force another to love? We have tried to solve these problems without violence, such as, petitions, many long discussions, and reconciliation. But, we must no longer trick ourselves. Everything we've done of worth has been ignored and insulted. It seems that there is no longer any hope for freedom. But still, I refuse to give up. We must fight! We must ask God to give us the victory. All men are created in the image of God and have the right to the freedom for all mankinds.

So, you see there is nothing left to do but fight and pray for the victory of my fellow man.

Why should we just sit back and let them take over us? That is exactly what they expect us to do. But we can no longer be their fools, with God on our side no matter how many people there may be, we can fight this! Again I say, I am a determined soldier. You must look at the word determined- showing or having a fixed purpose; resolute and firm. So you can see from the meaning of the word we can't give up. It's so very important that we respect each other, not only when it's convenient but in everything we do towards each other. We should be constantly trying to improve ourselves as human beings. God made us and gave man dominion over every living creature, not one race or nationality over the other.

If any one of us as humans cut ourselves all of our blood is red. So, please help me stop the racism, prejudice and hatred, for one another. Let's stop wars among ourselves, let us all stand for right and help to be a determined soldier for all mankind.


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