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It was one of those dreary days when there was nothing to do. The rain was hitting the ground at a constant rate with nothing but gray skies towering above them hiding the sun from having any fun outside. This whole environment of having to stay in my house was getting to me, I had to do something fast, so I through my cloths that were on my desk off to the floor and decided to hop on the old computer to see what I can find to humor me for a while. I was searching around when I found a web site that contained a whole page full of quads for sale. This really got my attention; I was surprised to see what you can buy on the Internet. The fact of the matter was that I always wanted to have my own quad, and today I think I'll buy one just because I want one.

The quad was a little in the high side for the price, but it's doesn't matter to me. The next day I went to the owner's house where he had it and through it on the back of my truck and went home.

Days went by when I just rode the thing back and forth everywhere. Also at the same time days went by when I had my neighbors yelling at me and chasing me, which was pretty fun when I come to think about it. It wasn't that long until it got to be a little boring riding by yourself, so I thought to my self, what if I could race it and have some fun with everybody else there and at the same time maybe win some money, that's if I even qualify and come in first place. I went down to the town of New Paltz the next week to sign up and get all my racing information and racing numbers for my quad. To come to my conclusion of the whole idea of racing is that the whole day was fun talking with everybody and getting tips on what do to while on the race track. I never did get anywhere close to the winning positions throughout the day but it doesn't matter as long as I didn't get any injuries upon myself and had fun. I packed up all my equipment and started my journey back home. Before I left though I stayed awhile and talked to Dan who I met there. Just to find out that he was one of my friend's cousins. "Stay focused and always look a good distance ahead of yourself, you never know what might happen in a split second. That was just one of the tips he was giving me all day. I stick with what people tell me, only because they have experience from the past and know how to ride safe. I still have the quad till this day and I am still riding it wherever I can with out getting chased by anybody or any cops.

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