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"Desiree's baby"� This story tells of Desiree, a woman whom as an infant was left at the doorstep of Valmonte. Desiree grows up in Valmonte and later meets and marries Armand Aubignys, a very prominent name in their time and place. They later have a child and are very happy, until Armand starts distancing himself from the infant and Desiree. One day Desiree lay holding her child while a child slave is fanning them. Desiree notices a striking resemblance in the slave and her child. Desiree starts panicking and doesn't understand what this means. She goes to Armand frantic and crying and asks of him "What does this mean"�. Armand coldly replies "It means the child is not white, you are not white"�. Desiree denies it and tells Armand that she is whiter in appearance than him. Desiree writes her mother explaining what has happened. Her mother writes back telling her to bring the baby to Valmonte.

Desiree goes to Armand and tells him that her mother wants her in Valmonte. Armand states "I want you to go"�. Desiree leaves and takes her child to Valmonte to be with her mother. Armand a short time afterwards starts burning the child's and Desiree's belongings. Armand finds at the back of a drawer a letter from his mother to his father she wrote, "Night and Day, I thank the good god for having so arranged our lives that our dear Armand will never know that his mother, who adores him, belongs to the race that is cursed with the brand of slavery.

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