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Introduction Labors are viewed as a commodity. Disclaimer: I will only articulate the theoretic aspects of Communism and Democracy because trying to develop a research paper to explain both doctrines in theory and practice is out of my scope of my knowledge and will only develop into an endless number of pages for this research assignment. It is easy to make an argument that there are in fact many discrepancies between practice and theory; each document may say a certain idea or principle but it doses not necessary stick to that prospect.

Body The emergence of the political practice known as Communism was a direct offspring of democracy (Mehlinger 4; Allen, Bartlett, & Colegrove 5-6; Ebenstein, Ebenstein, & Fogelman 95; Albert & Hahnel 18). "Communism is based upon a set of principles completely opposed to the principles of democracy (Allen, Bartlett, & Colegrove 4). Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Frederick Engels (1820-1895) have been regarded as the Founding Fathers of this theory.

Both man observed the oppressive and harsh working conditions that were placed on the working class of many European nations during the European Industrial Revolutionary of the 1800's due to capitalism (Mehlinger 2-3). Such conditions included the growing gap between the wealthy and poor, which resulted in the collision of these two classes. The working class, Marx and Engels believed, is a commodity, and as a result are being subjugated to cheap labor.

Their observations concluded any written documents, which include "A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy" (1859), "The German Ideology" which was not published during their lifetimes, and their most famous and also infamous collaboration the, "Communist Manifesto" (1848). Each document spelled out many different outcomes that could result due to capitalism. For example, a revolution would be inedible between the proletarians...

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